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Toyota Loves Winter - DP

This shoot presented quite a few challenges - with the car encased in Ice, we had limited time each night before the ice would melt, and were shooting shots for a series of 5 different adverts in total.


I worked closely with the director and my gaffer,  to put together a camera and lighting package that would allow us to tackle the shot list in the most time efficient way, while maintaining the look we were after.


More info on how we filmed the commercial are on Toyota’s blog;

NOW TV - Director

Part of a series of idents for NOW TV. This one featured some cast members from Geordie shore.


We had a set build in a studio designed to look like a bar / night-club environment, and used camera shake in post to sell the ‘magic’ effect.

Working with the talent, we had to be very precise with timing and positioning, for the final effect to work.

Red Bull / Mitie - Director

This brief for this film was to promote the brand partnership between Red Bull and Mitie. I pitched the concept of using carefully framed match cuts to show the link between what happens at Red Bull’s headquarters, to success at the track, therefore showing how Mitie helps contribute Red Bulls success.


I worked on a lot of the planning with the producer to make use of the very limited time we had available with Red Bull. In the end we had three crews working at the same time, to a very tight shot list, to get all the shots we needed.

RSPCA Assured - Director & DP

RSPCA wanted to promote their RSPCA assured brand by producing a series of short top down recipe films. To make them stand out from other similar content, I pitched that we use their new brand colours as the backdrops, with the colours changing with each recipe step.

We filmed in a small studio, with carefully controlled lighting, designed to keep the food looking its best, while also keeping the brand colours lit evenly edge to edge. 

Land Rover, Waste to Waves - PF

A promotional film for Land Rover, showing how they are recycling their waste materials into surfboards

Gioteck Headphones - DP

A product shoot for a headphone company. They wanted a floating 'CGI' feel to the shots, so we used an inverted motorised turntable, and hung the headphones from fishing wire. The headphones themselves were complex to light as they were glossy, and curved, and they also needed to look good 360 degree's around since we were rotating the product.

The Times, The Paper of Records - Director

These were a series of idents for The Times, played out on at the beginning and end of Sky Sports News, during the London 2012 Olympics. Each ident featured a sports journalist from The Times, dramatically doing the sport they report on, in slow motion, while dressed normally as a journalist and wearing a suit.

Chris Hoy, Back on Track - Shooting Director

This was an 8 part online documentary series, following Sir Chris Hoy's journey towards competing in a 24 hour endurance motor race. For the final two episodes in the series, I worked as a shooting director, with one other camera operator. It was a fairly challenging shoot over the 24 hours of the race, requiring continuous shooting on track for coverage, but also constant filming and conversations in the pit garage, to keep track of the story of the race, and to make sure we have the right interviews and shots in order to tell that story - all without getting in the way of the race itself. I'm quite proud of the final result.

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